Sometimes the changes that accompany becoming a parent can present challenges for any family. When someone is taking on these challenges alone and raising their children on their own, it can make it even more complicated to obtain the skills, training, and/or certification they need to increase their chances of landing the job that will help provide them with the means to improve the family’s financial situation.

The Single Parent Employment Initiative is a WorkBC program targetted towards single parents on income or disability assistance who believe they would be able to support themselves and their families better if they had training in a specific occupational field or even if they could obtain some real experience in a field they are interested in.

Single parents receiving income or disability assistance may be eligible to participate in the SPEI. In order to be eligible for funded training programs, individuals must have been on income or disability assistance for at least three months.

Clients must see an employment counsellor to apply for any funding opportunities. The employment counsellor will carry out an employment assessment to determine eligibility for supports and services needed to gain long-term employment.