The Skills Centre and WorkBC are offering a six-day workshop especially targeted towards job seekers over 50 years old.

Trying to find employment is challenging for anyone in today’s rapidly shifting job market but it can be particularly complicated for mature job seekers, those over the age of 50. While many studies suggest that older workers can be more conscientious, require less supervision, and can be more stable and more likely to stay on with the same employer, some employers don’t readily recognize these traits and instead are concerned that mature job seekers might mean dealing with issues, either real or simply stereotypes associated with older workers.

Whatever the challenges, many people find themselves looking for work in a job market that may no longer seem familiar to them. This Mature Job Seeker 6 Day Workshop series is intended to provide job seekers with:

  • Up-to-date job search strategies
  • Basic computer training and online job search techniques
  • Information on some of the Skills Centre and WorkBC programs that they might be eligible for
  • Question and answer sessions with local employers regarding mature workers in the workforce

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in this vital series contact the Skills Centre at (250) 368-6360 for more details.