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Bridges for Women

The goal of Bridging for Women is to help women break the cycle of abuse and trauma through education and employment training. We help women identify their interests and skills to develop long-term career goals.
Bridges’ vital strengths help participants end isolation, learn & support each other in a classroom setting, and learn how to build their own personal & community supports – skills that last a lifetime!

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Addressing Histories of Abuse

This part of the curriculum focuses on recognizing, understanding and overcoming the impacts of abuse on employment. Participants work on self-esteem, values and self-advocacy, communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution skills, and learning to set and keep boundaries.

Individual Study

Each student develops individual short-term goals and action steps that support their immediate and long-term work towards personal and economic independence. Women have the opportunity to focus their energies on these plans, and achieve concrete, measurable successes that support their pre-employment process in the program.

Counselling & Coaching

Access to a qualified counsellor is available to each individual during the program.

Career Exploration

Women learn to assess their skills, strengths, previous experiences, preferences, learning styles and passions. The program builds upon their creative visioning projects to develop a long-term, sustainable career vision that promotes successful, permanent labour force attachment.

Workplace Skills

Bridging for Women provides attendees with an opportunity to practice essential workplace skills. Expectations of daily punctual attendance, goal setting and other workplace norms are maintained in a supportive learning environment that develops students’ abilities to function successfully in the workplace. As well, teamwork, interpersonal skills, building good oral communication skills, presentation skills and small team project work are developed throughout the program.
The program supports women to move toward healing, employment, financial security, safety, health, and freedom.
We offer this program several times per year. Contact us for the next intake.

For more information please visit their website at: http://bridgesforwomen.ca/