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Our fully equipped Self-Serve Resource Centre is free of charge and our resources can be used by anyone for job search activities. Our Self-Serve Attendant is available to assist with job search and resume development.

We offer:

  • Computer stations with word-processing software for preparing resumés, cover letters and other documents related to the job search.
  • Internet and email access for job search purposes.
  • Free access to telephone, printers, fax machine, and copier for job search and career planning activities.
  • A library of career-related resources.
  • A Job Board of local job postings which is updated daily.

Resource Centre Policies

The Skills Centre Resource Centre is designed to assist individuals who are actively searching for employment or training opportunities and/or researching an idea for self-employment. Use of these facilities for non-work search related activities is not permitted.
The Skills Centre requires that everyone accessing the Resource Centre will read and sign our Self-Serve Computer Use Form. Failure to sign the form or non-compliance with the guidelines outlined on the form may result in the individual being refused access to these services.

In respect to those with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances, cannabis, tobacco and tobacco-like products.


The Resource Centre is a public space. It is your decision whether or not you discuss your resume, cover letter or job search within this public space. If you require more privacy, you are welcome to make an appointment with an Employment Counsellor or book the client office through our Front Desk or Self-Serve Attendant. There is no expectation of privacy of your information when accessing and using the public Resource Centre or computer lab computers.

Computer Use

Computers and Internet access are for job search purposes only, such as resume development, research, available training, career assessments and completing on-line job applications. Research for investment opportunities, or operating your business, accessing personal email or social media not related to job search are not permitted. The Self-Serve Attendant will monitor activity to ensure that the resources are only being used for job search activity. You will be asked to leave if the resources are used for personal or business purposes. No software may be installed or downloaded by participants.

Internet Access and Use

No inappropriate material may be viewed. This includes and is not limited to pornography or violent material of any nature where the rights of others are in violation. Downloading of data, programs or images is not permitted. The Skills Centre reserves the right to monitor individual internet use.

Use of Cell Phones

Employment related calls are permitted if they are not disruptive to other clients.

Client Telephone Access

If you need to make a local job search-related call, you can direct dial on the public phone. Long distance calls must be dialed by the Self-Serve Attendant.

Client Office Access

The client office, with computer and telephone, may be booked through the Self-Serve Attendant. This office may be used for telephone or Skype interviews, testing related to employment or if an individual needs a quiet area for job search purposes.

Copier and Printer

The photocopier and printer are for work search related documents only. A maximum of 30 pages of documents (resumes and cover letters, etc) may be printed per day. Speak to the Self-Serve Attendant who will be happy to make copies for you.

Use of Print Materials

The Resource Centre has an assortment of newspapers, magazines and books which are for use in the Resource Centre only and must not be removed.

Consideration and Respect for Others

Clients and staff are entitled to:

  • Polite, courteous, professional and respectful treatment at all times.
  • An atmosphere free from violence, physical, emotional or verbal abuse, profanity, intimidation and bullying. Raised voices, swearing, intimidation, verbal hostility or physical harassment will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately and may be prohibited from returning.
  • Use of drugs and alcohol are not permitted on site.
  • Persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted in the Centre and will be asked to leave.
  • Personal grooming must be appropriate for job search and access and use of the Resource Centre.

Food and Drink

We request that there is no food or drinks in the Resource Centre, in particular around the computers.


Animals are permitted in the Resource Centre if they are well behaved and controlled by their people. The Skills Centre may ask that an animal be removed from our office if other visitors are uncomfortable with the animal or if they have specific allergies. The exceptions are those animals which are assisting clients with disabilities.